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Why Scene Lighting?

Scene lighting has long been used in the commercial world for restaurants, conference facilities etc. Gaining its name from the theatre where complex lighting
changes are needed for each Scene, it allows users to recall a lighting mood by pressing one button rather than adjusting several rotary knob type dimmers.

Push button control also allows two (or more) way control of lighting, hand held remotes and integration with home cinema, home automation or security systems.

All Rako dimmers will also offer soft start and voltage controlled maximum output which greatly improves the lamp life of incandescent and halogen lamp types.

With carefully chosen light fittings and lamp sources a multi-channel lighting scheme can enable the mood and function of a space to be changed, highlighting features and creating pockets and pools of light. Scene control dimming allows these new moods to be re-called at the touch of a button and with the possibility of multi-way control, hand-held remotes and integration with security and audio
visual systems a home moves to a new level of sophistication.




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