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homeiq are proud to announce its status as an approved installer for Bitwise Controls

Imagine the scene, you get home late from work one evening and you have just remembered your entertaining some friends and they will be arriving in 10 minutes!!! just press the "Entertainment" button on the color LCD panel on the lounge wall, music fills the downstairs rooms , the gates open, the patio lights turn on, the curtains close, lighting dims and the tv awakes with your favourite channel.


Home automation provides added property value, comfort, convenience, enhances your security and produces enviromental savings in all your home and office systems which you automate. Home automation can control all aspects of your life but with you in total control of how much.

homeiq believe there is a great benefit to be gained by fitting home automation products into the homes of the disabled, those that are wheelchair bound and the elderly. Remote switching of lights, appliances, ceiling fans, automatic opening of internal and external doors etc making life a bit easier around the home.

Even the most basic of Home Automation products can be used to reduce your electricity bills, energy used and carbon emissions.


Some of the benefits of homeiq automation products:

  • Save up to 35% on home utility cost through automation.
  • Keep an eye on your home or business from any web browser in the world.
  • Keep track of employees while you are away. Keep an eye on your kids or baby while at home or at work.
  • See who is knocking on the door without getting up to answer it.
  • Never come home to a dark house again. Turn on or off your lights automatically or by remote control or timer.
  • Turn on the TV or stereo from your driveway when you arrive home.
  • Know when your kids come home from school through automated calls to your cell phone.
  • Automatically call police or file when a break-in or fire occurs at your home or business.
  • Set your lawn sprinklers to turn on or off based on the season.
  • Pipe sound into any and all rooms in the house each with their own volume control.
  • Dim your lights and close the drapes in your home theatre automatically when you start a DVD.
  • Check house status from any place in the world just by calling your home.
  • Talk to your home! Yes, tell the computer to turn on or off your lights and appliances using voice command technology.
  • The possibilities are endless with today's innovative technology. If you can think of it, we can automate it. Give us a call

homeiq can setup distribution of TV and satellite around your property and also distribute Sky / Sky+ / Sky HD (in SD), TV/FM aerial, and CCTV pictures around your entire home



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